Stronger relationships. Better connections.
The three pillars of care together on one platform
Connecting patients and caregivers for improved outcomes and peace of mind

Hospital Discharge, Out Patient Surgery, Case Management. Physician practices, Tele Health and more.


Meals On wheels, Area Agencies, Community Centers, Associations, Foundations and more.


Senior Wellness, Memory Care, Assisted living, Home Care, Medical n Safety Devices, Independent Living and more.

What journey can we help you enrich?

Assisted Living Example

Schedule a demonstration below and learn how the genus platform can help:

  • Connect caregivers w/Families
  • Connect leaders with staff
  • Connect outside providers
  • Reduce turn over
  • Extend length of stay/improve occupancy
  • Boost quality scores
  • Increase revenue
  • All while saving time and sharing peace of mind

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Text to register

Engage and connect

Text "SUNNY" to 211-411

Jane saw an ad for Sunny Dale offering the genus care platform for their residents. She texted "SUNNY" to 211-411 to begin.

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Stronger relationships

Caring together

Connected outcomes

Jane invites her brothers Doug and Frank to Wendy's care community. They get personalized tips, videos and local resources that support positive and fun dialog.

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Fun & educational

Curated content

Meaningful content

Videos helped Wendy's family decide 'when', together. Sunny Dale shared materials to support a positive transition.


Family meetings

Video calls with Mom

Easy to use

Wendy's family loves the regular updates and the ability to schedule video calls between family or with the staff of Sunny Dale.


5 years, thousands of voices!

A platform that meets the technical needs of care partners, communities and families across the care continuum.

A priceless mission

Personalizing that platform to connect at a level that unites and strengthens relationship and improves outcomes throughout the care journey. Harnessing the creative inspirations and lessons. Encouraging best ‘givers of care’ within all of us, through humor, education, examples, resources and love!

Generation us:

Our generation, for all of us to bring forward a platform that supports inspiring and meaningful communities of care around every person of need.

Together, we are genus!

Genus comes from the shared wisdom, insights, research and personal stories of thousands of professionals.

Many thanks to our lead partners and families for priceless guidance.  We continue to welcome your feedback and ideas.